Guided Math Contest

Enter the Guided Math Contest.

Below this article is your chance to share your questions about Guided Math.  I will let you know what page or chapter your answer can be found in my new book, Guided Math: The First 25 Days.  For every question you ask, you will be entered to win a free book!   Ask your questions.  I want the world to know that transitioning to a Guided Math classroom can be done with the plan or procedures I have laid out for teachers in this new book.

Guided Math resources help teachers plan, organize, and maintain Guided Math Lessons.

This contest is your chance to win the one resource you will need to understand and transition to Guided Math groups.  At the beginning of every professional development workshop I do, I ask teachers to write down their questions on sticky notes.  Then I ask them to crumple up those notes when I answer them during the training.  I promise them that I will answer all of them before we leave.  The only questions we will need to talk about after a Balanced Guided Math workshop pertain to specific curricular resources fitting into this model or blending this math model with district initiatives.  How can I be so sure that this is the one resource you will need to learn the process of grouping students according to data, planning for each group, setting up stations, and keeping up with grading?  Because I have used this in my own classroom for over five years.  Because I have been helping teachers transition to Guided Math for over five years.  Let me help you too.

Guided Math meets the needs of students in small group settings.

Guided Math meets the needs of students in small group settings.

Go ahead and ask your question.  Enter this contest before August 25, 2014.  Get your question answered.  What a great way to begin understanding Guided Math!