Guided Math Workshops

Guided Math Workshops

Guided Math workshops are held in your area to train teachers in these research-based educational techniques.  Your teachers will never know their students better than with this method of teaching math.  Teaching small groups of students that have similar needs allows for greater growth for the students.  State standards are the driving force for the lessons while student mastery is always the goal!

Attend a Guided Math workshop with Angela Bauer

Attend a Guided Math workshop with Angela Bauer

This math professional development opportunity provides the training for

  • the process of grouping your students according to data

  • the process of planning for each group’s needs

  • the understanding of purposefully planning for each of the 3 stations

  • the understanding of knowing when to assess

    This workshop is different than others.  How you ask???

  • You receive free engaged math activities for your grade level.

  • Free lesson planning pages are structured to include the guided math format.

  • Watch videos and see pictures of what guided math looks and sounds like.

  • You leave with rotation schedules to use right away.

  • We explain exactly how to transition from traditional math to guided math format

  • The presenters are real teachers who understand the demanding teaching world, so there are no theory discussions…only real strategies that work with real students who need real help.