Guided Math Links

Guided Math Links

This page contains great sites that provide ideas or suggestions to help teachers transition to Guided Math with Angela Bauer format.

Guided Math Links

  1. Guided Math with Angela Bauer   This Pinterest site has ideas organized by boards for grade levels, math concepts, and/or math stations.

  2. Guided Math with Ashley P     This Teacher Pay Teacher site has many recording sheets for engaging math activities that can be used for several grade levels and math concepts.

  3.    LOVE this site!  It is organized by math concepts and then by grade level from K-7th.  It has 10 different sheets based on standards for the same concept along with answer keys.  Great for skills review station or a “Show what you know” day.

Guided Math Links for Primary Grades

  1.    This teacher shares many of her math activities with you.  Some are free.  Great ideas for hands-on math activities.  I love her “beginning of the year math stations” blog article.


Guided Math Links for Questioning Techniques

  1. NRICH has a great page that provides different questions to ask students to achieve more in-depth mathematical thinking.  Great questions to use in small guided groups.

  2. NRICH has an article that helps the teachers to develop a questioning style that guides, supports and stimulates the children without removing the responsibility for problem-solving process from the children.  This page gives a free list of questions to ask during math time.

As you can tell, this page is under construction.  As the year progresses, Angela and Ashley will add to this page.  We want you to have a quick access to our favorite guided math links that help teachers!