How does this Guided Math Training fit my math needs?

Teachers sign up at Guided Math Event Registration to attend a Guided Math Professional Development Workshop.

In a one day training, you leave this professional development having the knowledge, schedules, routines, and resources to get started the next day on transitioning to Guided Math in your classroom!

Guided Math Links are great sites for guided math help or ideas

Whether you attend our workshop in Texas, South Carolina, Indiana, Utah, or Illinois, your school’s curriculum fits into this Guided Math format. These actual teachers have attended our workshop and used this format to reach the individual student’s needs in their classroom.

The 6 hour workshop includes:

  1. an explanation of how to group your students,
  2. videos of different grade level guided group lessons,
  3. examples of how to take your curriculum’s lessons and put them into this format,
  4. a schedule to use for the stations,
  5. details about guided math practice,
  6. explanation of the math facts station and resources for this,
  7. summary of skills review station and how to use your current curriculum for this station,
  8. engaged math activities for active engagement,
  9. how to shorten your large group lesson to maximize student learning in groups,
  10. technology tie-ins,
  11. how and when to assess for short term learning and long term retention,
  12. resources to take home for the stations,
  13. a copy of the book, Guided Math: The First 25 Days (explanation of how to transition your students and classroom to Guided Math)
  14. details of setting up routines, procedures, and expected behaviors for immediate success
  15. and more!
This teacher is meeting the student’s needs in guided math group.
This teacher is working with a small group of middle school students in guided math format.
This teacher is working with a small group of middle school students in guided math format.

Email or to talk about having a Guided Math training at your school or district.