Online Guided Math Elementary Training for the First Half of the Workshop

Your online Guided Math Elementary training starts here.

This is the first half of the workshop.  It includes two sessions.  

Guided Math Links are great sites for guided math help or ideas

Guided Math Links are great sites for guided math help or ideas

These videos are copyrighted and may NOT be copied, screenshot, nor reproduced for any reason.

The online Guided Math Elementary Training videos are in order.  Watch each video.  Refer to your Guided Math: The First 25 Days book.

Part One:  What is Guided Math?

This section is 26 minutes long.

Part Two: What happens in Small Guided Groups?

Here you will learn the procedures for teaching in small groups, planning for each group, and methods to shorten your traditional lessons to fit into this format. This section is 42 minutes long.

Part 2 What happens in Guided Math groups

Part Three: Video of some First Grade Small Guided Math Groups

Here you will watch Angela working with several first grade small groups. Then Ashley Perry will explain the planning for this lesson. This section is 26 minutes long.

Part 3 First Grade Video

Part Four: Video of Third Grade Small Guided Group

Here you will watch a video of a third grade lesson and then learn about the planning of this hands-on lesson teaching multiplication. This section is 24 minutes long.

Part 4 Third Grade Guided Group Video

Part Five: Grouping your students and the Schedule

Here we explain how to group your students and the specific rotation schedule to use. This section is 38 minutes long.

Part 5 Grouping your students and schedule