Guided Math Structure

Teachers with many different math backgrounds attend my Guided Math workshops.

These teachers had tried math stations but couldn’t seem to figure out how to make them run smoothly. They were missing a guided math structure.  I love to help with this problem.

Throughout my Guided Math workshop these teachers now have many aha moments.

Details for success

I provide an explanation of the 3 stations to use. I provide free samples based on each teacher’s grade level. We discuss how to plan for these stations with purposeful planning. Also discussed is how often to change the stations, how to put activities there that require little or no reading for primary students, and how to teach students the appropriate behaviors and procedures to be successful.




I appreciate the feedback from those attending.   Ashley from the recent Minneapolis Guided Math workshop told me after the workshop that now it all made sense to her. She had tried having some stations but with minimal success. Now she understood the Guided Math structure needed and knew exactly how to return to her classroom the next day to implement the changes needed.

Amy Fullenkamp attend a Guided Math workshop in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Her comments were, “It was a fantastic workshop!  I have so many ideas and a plan to implement them now.  Every teachers’ dream for professional development!”  We have worked hard to make sure that teachers not only understand the guided math structure, but receive everything they will need to implement. ( a rotation schedule, math games for your grade level, guided math daily and weekly lesson planning pages, outline of nine weeks of school planning guide for organizing everything, and an implementation book)   When is the last time you received  that when you attend a workshop?  Normally teachers have to go back and create a lot of things just to start.

Principal Julie R in Michigan asked, ” I just wanted you to know that the teachers who participated in the Guided Math training really enjoyed it and have implemented many of the things they learned.  We would like to have the same presenter come back to train the additional staff.”  We love to return to cities to spread the excitement of the guided math structure.

Sherrill says, “Angela’s Guided Math structure is reproducible for every teacher that tries it.  It is that well explained and detailed!”  Thanks, Sherrill.  We have spent many hours attending to those details so everyone can be successful with our version of Guided Math.

My team=Your team

My team of trained Guided Math experts provide this explanation of the guided math structure during our guided math professional development trainings for teachers.  Ashley Perry is our K-2 grade training expert who also has a math middle school license. Marti Hoppus is our trainer with 30 years of teaching experience with most of those in special education. Dr. Adam Drummond comes to us with administration background.  I am Angela Bauer, the creator of Guided Math with Angela Bauer and the author of Guided Math: The First 25 Days. Email or call me with any questions. or 260-740-6698.

Attend a guided math workshop with Balanced Guided Math creator, Angela Bauer.

Attend a Guided Math workshop with creator, Angela Bauer.

There are free Guided Math ideas on my website and Pinterest pages found at Guided Math with Angela Bauer.

Also check out Dr. Adam Drummond at Drummond Educational Innovations.