Guided Math and Math Questioning

How do Guided Math and Math Questioning work together?

Simple.  Use math questioning techniques during large group guided math mini-lessons and during small guided math groups.  Students learn to make sense of math when they make connections between math concepts.

Guided Math and Math Questioning traces its roots back to the NCTM.  The NCTM has published many questions that students should be able to answer when thinking about math.
I have taken their math questions and created a list of sample questions teachers can use in any lesson.

Purposeful Questions

How did you get that?                          How do you know that?                                Can you explain your idea?

Can you explain your thinking?           Why did you do that?                                    Can you convince us?

Did anyone get something  else?        Can someone tell me or share with me another way?

Is there another opinion about this?    Why did you say that, Justin?

Do you think those two ideas mean the same thing?

Adapted from NCTM

Here is a picture of someone’s idea of math questioning put into a bookmark for Kindergarten-Second graders.  You can buy it on her Pinterest page.  Find it on my Pinterest page called Guided Math Questioning.

Guided Math thinking and questioning on a bookmark

Guided Math thinking and questioning on a bookmark










Guided Math and Math Questioning

  • Ask students these questions during small guided math groups.
  • These questions ask students to think about what they are learning.
  • This can help students to make connections between the parts of the concept they are learning and/or connections between concepts.
  • During your next small guided math group lesson, instead of telling the students all about a math concept, ask them questions to make them try to understand what is going on.
  • Make them become an active learner instead of passively listening about math.

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