Create Guided Math Lessons

Create Guided Math Lessons

Many teachers ask me questions how to create guided math lessons.  How do I make up a lesson for guided math groups?  How do I create engaging math lessons for a small group that only lasts for 15 minutes?

Guided math small group time is a great time to practice the math concept or skill that was explained during the large group mini-lesson.  This practice is intense with guidance so the students learn the concept correctly.  Then this daily and weekly understanding can be stored in the student’s long term memory.  Below are several types of guided math lessons.

  1. Students use manipulatives to model the concept while communicating the process to their partner.
  2. Students use manipulatives to model the concept while answering questions from the teacher.
  3. Students practice writing and solving the equations.
  4. Teacher shows students the concept in algebra form. (This helps students connect concepts and begin thinking mathematically)
  5. Teacher shows the computation skill in chart form, such as addition or subtraction. (This new form challenges students to begin to see math in different forms and to think about each part of the equation.)
  6. Students practice the concept on a worksheet with the teacher giving verbal and nonverbal reinforcement.

Basically, take the same large group lesson you used to use and break it apart into smaller sections.  Make sure to incorporate weekly practice with manipulatives, algebra, problem solving skills, and guided concept practice.

Below is a video about creating a Guided Math Lesson on Improper Fractions.  The students will use manipulatives such as dice and tenths model frames to show improper fractions and mixed numbers.  I also would have the students write the equivalent equations, so they see what the equation looks like beside the model.