Guided Math Resources Online

Here is a list of some Guided Math Resources Online.  Teachers often ask me for resources that will help them plan for Guided Math Large Group mini-lessons, prepare for differentiated teacher-led Guided Math groups, and plan for math stations.

   Guided Math Resources Online provide ideas for teachers to use in Guided Math groups.

Below is the list of the sites and their details.  I have also include how they fit into the Guided Math Framework.  These details should help teachers as they transition to a Balanced Guided Math classroom.  This site has lesson plans for interactive whiteboards.  Choose by grade level (2-HS), domain, or standard.  Love the fact that the lesson videos also include common misunderstandings for students.  These lesson videos are good to use as preview tool as you introduce the concept during a large group mini-lesson.  This technique helps jumpstart learning for low math ability students, autistic children, and global thinkers.  This K-12 site provides free math lesson plans and worksheets with answer keys.  I use these in my skills review station, as ongoing assessment check-ups, and in teacher-led Guided Math groups. This site has tons of teacher tools, such as articles written by Marilyn Burns, interviews with Marilyn Burns, teacher submitted lesson plans, and other helpful mathematics.  This site has lesson plans, curriculum mapping of math standards, assessments, checklists, and online manipulatives, organized by grade levels.

Math Learning Center  This site is fabulous.  Organized by grade level and around CCSS, it includes activities to use for large group mini-lessons, teacher led Guided Math groups, or on interactive whiteboards for journal prompts.  LOVE, love, l o v e it!  This site has good math ideas.  A fellow teacher used this to find a worksheet to use as an ongoing assessment quiz in 4th grade. Great to use in a skills review station too. Check out his ideas. This site has many videos to show  grade level math concepts for large group mini-lessons.

Gamequarium  Dynamic Paper App by NCTM allows teachers to customize graphs, grids, number lines, spinners, and more.  Great tool for guided math group differentiation in Engaged Math Activity Station or Problem Based Learning Activities. This site contains worksheets organized by grade level.  Answer columns are on the right, which helps the students prepare for tests.  Modified worksheets are for students, who need more guidance.  Sheets are leveled by easy, medium, hard, and modified to help teachers differentiate.  Can be used for large group mini-lessons on whiteboard or display for students to solve in math journals or printed with answer keys to be used in skills review station.   Houghton Mifflin Harcourt created Education Place to support their curricular resources.  The e-manipulatives are great to use on a whiteboard.  From looking through Math Expressions, it contains many components that make this a good choice to use in a Guided Math classroom.  It contains a remembering book to use at the skills station.  The lesson plans model multiple ways to show concepts, which meets individual learning styles.  One component to buy would be the Problem Based Learning Flipchart because it contains PBL activities to use weekly that correlate with the concepts.

eduplace or  This site has worksheets that simply designed. They can be used as pre or post-test assessments, or in a skills review station.  I also use them in teacher led Guided Math Groups as differentiated lesson plans.


Please know that this list of Guided Math Resources Online is a small fraction of the sites that will help you transition to Guided Math.  I would encourage you that as you find new sites send me an email so I can share them with others:D

Or better yet…leave a reply below.  I will get it and then I can let others view it too.    Thanks!