Guided Math Conferences

Guided Math Conferences are available across America.

Our Guided Math Conferences or Professional Development workshop shares techniques, details, and dynamics of Guided Math with Angela Bauer.  Everyone leaves with a handful of Engaged Math Activities, a variety of schedules to use, a complete understanding of how to set up and maintain guided groups in math, and knowledge of using data to drive the instruction of math.  Guided Math is a framework of teaching students based on their needs. This guided math conference will show teachers how to plan for guided groups, to get students engaged with math activities, and to teach Common Core State Standards to mastery.

Past participants valued the following that they learned at the Guided Math conference.

  • multiple schedules to use for a variety of grade levels, including middle school
  • knowledge of the process of setting up guided math groups
  • explanation of transitioning into this guided math format
  • details about each component of guided math
  • ideas of places to find math station ideas
  • knowledge of multiple assessments to use within this framework
  • methods to maintain a environment of continual learning, limiting behavior issues
  • a To Do list to get started
  • ongoing support through my website and email information
Guided Math conferences

Guided Math conferences

Details are being finalized for the following Guided Math conferences:

Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan


To register, on the main page click on the city location at the top of the page.  The link will take you to the registration page for that location.

Or go to the Guided Math Event Registration Page.

Email Angela to see when the next conference is being scheduled.