Guided Math Workshop Event Registration

Guided Math Workshop Event Registration

You clicked on a link in my newsletter to register.  Here are the locations and dates of the upcoming Guided Math Professional Development Workshops.  If you don’t see one close to you, email Angela so we can schedule one in your area.  (

There are some workshops scheduled for school on-site professional development conferences.   Contact Angela for more information about attending one in your area or scheduling one for your school.

Below is the Guided Math Workshop Event Registration form.

SCROLL down to find the form with the location you want to attend.  The Payment processor is through Paypal, which will process any credit card.  It doesn’t mean you have to pay with Paypal.  If you have to pay with a purchase order, do NOT fill out the registration below.  Email Angela at to register your crew.

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Teachers sign up at Guided Math Event Registration to attend a Guided Math Professional Development Workshop.

Teachers sign up at Guided Math Event Registration to attend a Guided Math Professional Development Workshop.

Guided Math Workshop in Oklahoma for 2nd grade


Guided Math Professional Development Workshop is coming to Yukon, OK on September 11, 2019.  This workshop is geared towards 2nd grade.

Angela Bauer  will describe how to transition to this Guided Math framework, detail the process to collect data for planning for Guided Math teacher-led groups, discuss superior Guided Math resources for math stations, and more.

Guided Math framework allows teachers to meet individual needs within math groups.

Teachers sign up at Guided Math Event Registration to attend a Guided Math Professional Development Workshop.

Teachers sign up at Guided Math Event Registration to attend a Guided Math Professional Development Workshop.

This innovative approach to teaching math concepts is redefining how math is taught in schools.  Most of the instruction takes place in small guided math groups that are leveled for the student’s needs. Meeting individual needs is accomplished through frequent intervention, daily math fact practice, differentiated instruction, and technology  opportunities. The flexible skill groups teach problem solving skills, math thinking skills, test taking skills, and active learning. These skills lead to better mastery of math skills, increase standardized test scores, and result in students making adequate yearly progress.

This professional development workshop will show teachers how to transition to the Guided Math Format.  Angela Bauer, creator, details how to plan for differentiated leveled math groups and prepare guided math stations for spiral review and concept mastery.     Angela shares websites, resource books, and aps that help teachers to transition to Guided Math.  This workshop is designed for teachers in Kindergarten through middle school.  A variety of schedules will be given to attendees to use, depending on the grade level and school schedule.  There is even one to use with a middle school block schedule.

Past participants valued the following that they learned at the Guided Math conference.

  • multiple schedules to use for a variety of grade levels, including middle school
  • knowledge of the process of setting up guided math groups
  • explanation of transitioning into this guided math format
  • details about each component of guided math
  • ideas of places to find math station ideas
  • knowledge of multiple assessments to use within this framework
  • methods to maintain an environment of continual learning, limiting behavior issues
  • a To Do list to get started
  • ongoing support through my website and email information

Angela will help teachers transition to this Guided Math format.  She compares and explains the differences between this and guided reading.  Her students use Daily 5 and CAFE strategies along with Fountas and Pinnell ideas in reading.  Teachers will learn how to use guided reading strategies in guided math.

Expected behaviors are described and details are given on how to teach students these behaviors.  Mrs. Perry also details how to use intentional teaching of standards when planning for each station along with teacher-led groups. Students have choice within a station as well as differentiation for needs.

Most teachers really appreciate the fact that Angela still teaches because she shares her tips on using data to plan lessons, on incorporating spiral review, on getting ongoing assessments as well as mastery assessments, and using intentional teaching to meet differentiated student needs.

Setting up guided math groups can be easy!

Setting up guided math groups can be easy!

Sign up soon for the early bird price. This early bird price includes a copy of Guided Math: The First 25 Days, an implementation book.  If you are registering three paid teachers at a time, principals attend for free, substitutions not acceptable.  Email Angela to pay with a purchase order or for a group discount price.

Principals, if you need to register using a purchase order, email the names of your teachers, grade levels, and email addresses of your teachers to    Then Angela will send you an invoice and see that your team is registered.

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We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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